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The law office of Samuel A. Mossman is dedicated to the efficient delivery of legal services in a competent, thoughtful and caring way. Of utmost importance is the personal, individualized attention given to each client. At the law office of Samuel A. Mossman, your matter will not be handled by a team of juniors, associates or assistants. Mr. Mossman takes a direct, hands-on approach to serving you personally and confidentially. For a consultation, don’t hesitate to call Mr. Mossman. He offers timely, well-considered advice and guidance when you need it most.

His practice provides personal, hands-on services in the following legal areas:

Personal Injury

Medical Malpractice

Wrongful Dismissal

Family Law and Divorce


Sexual Abuse and Assault

Aggressive Action

While having trial advocacy skills are indispensible to a trial lawyer, a good lawyer is, first and foremost, a negotiator who strives to solve his clients’ legal problems through negotiation. When efforts to reach an agreement fail, or are considered to be unlikely to produce a reasonable result, more aggressive action is called for. Mr. Mossman has experience as a trial lawyer and is ready to advocate for your rights if aggressive action is needed. He remains professional and courteous as he aggressively pursues your claim.


Only a small percentage of legal disputes ever reach a courtroom. Most are settled by agreement before a court case is started, or are settled while the case is ongoing but before trial. Having the advocacy skills and the experience necessary to be an effective courtroom advocate, Mr. Mossman works toward achieving a successful resolution prior to trial.


Legal services can be costly. At the Law Office of Samuel A. Mossman, a client’s concern for the cost of legal services is understood and respected. Mr. Mossman makes every effort to deliver legal services that are not only effective but efficient and affordable. He carefully considers with his clients how to best resolve each dispute, what legal steps are appropriate and necessary and what steps or procedures may be safely avoided. Mr. Mossman works with his clients when required to develop affordable payment plans. He believes that paying for good legal advice should provide net economic benefits to his clients and strives to achieve results that reflect that philosophy.

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420 Devonshire Road

Windsor, ON N8Y 4T6

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Monday – Friday: 9AM – 5PM

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